Anne Ferguson and Aileen Larson make up the Bywater Birth team. We are birth junkies who love empowering families to make their birth and postpartum experience a positive and joyful one. We offer Hypnobabies classes, breastfeeding classes, placenta encapsulation services and birth doula services.


Anne Ferguson, HCHI, CD(DONA), APPAC

Congratulations on your pregnancy and thank you for visiting my website!  I live in Eden Prairie with my husband Chris and our two wonderful sons. I am a Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor, a Certified Birth Doula and a Certified Placenta Arts Specialist with APPA.

As a Hypnobabies instructor, I teach childbirth preparation classes to expectant parents.  Hypnobabies is a comprehensive childbirth class, plus an amazing collection of medical hypno-anesthesia techniques that empower Moms to have faster, easier and more comfortable births. 

As a certified birth doula, I attend births at hospitals all across the Twin Cities and Ridgeview Medical Center in Waconia.  I am also able to support you at one of our local birth centers, or for your planned home birth.  I have been serving birthing families in this capacity since March of 2011.  In my spare time I enjoy gardening, spending time with friends and learning about nutrition and wellness.

My hope is that every woman be informed and educated so she can make choices that will help her have the birth of her dreams. I believe birth is a natural, normal process that should be looked forward to, not feared.  I also believe all women can benefit from doula support, no matter what your preferences for your birth, whether you hope for a low-intervention birth, plan to use medication or even if you are planning a surgical birth.

I also have extensive training and experience in supporting women who are breastfeeding. I can offer you assistance in getting breastfeeding off to the best possible start after birth, and I’m also available 24/7 for phone or email help for as long as needed.  I feel incredibly lucky to be able to combine my passions for birth and breastfeeding as a Hypnobabies instructor and doula.

Aileen Larson, HCHI

Hi!  I'm Aileen Larson and like Anne, I'm a mother, birth doula, Hypnobabies Instructor, and placenta encapsulator.  I'm also a Co-Leader of Twin Cities Attachment Parenting International.  I love babies, birth, breastfeeding, babywearing, and helping families to hit their stride after a new baby arrives.

After my most recent birth, I asked Anne to encapsulate my placenta & the results were AMAZING.  With my first two children, I had suffered from low milk supply, but after a few days of taking my placenta pills, I woke up in a puddle of milk and have had TONS of milk since then.  Additionally, after the births of my first two children, I suffered from postpartum depression, yet with my third baby I thrived. I attribute this change in my mood to consuming my placenta.

Breastfeeding Classes

Anne offers a fun and unique breastfeeding class with colleague Vickie Albright, IBCLC.  Classes are three hours long, take place SuNu Wellness Center in Minnetonka, and the cost is $50/couple or $40 for my doula clients and Hypnobabies students.

Our class is called Nourish and Nurture: Breastfeeding Simplified, and is unlike any other breastfeeding class out there. We use a variety of teaching methods to make class fun as well as informative, and you will go home feeling confident about your ability to breastfeed your baby!

Please visit HERE for more information and to register.

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